How to Relieve Migraine Pain with MassageTherapy?

It’s already been a stressful week, and today is no exception. You still have a list of tasks as long as your forearm to get through before the day is out, family-oriented, work-related, or otherwise, and other people are depending on you for the rest of their days to run smoothly. But you’ve started to become exhausted, and the dull pain behind your eyes and on both sides of your head is becoming so intense that it’s making you feel nauseated. No amount of water, coffee, or ibuprofen will make your head hurt any less. Another migraine and you’re either bed-bound, miserable or both for the rest of the day. 

The fact is, you are far from alone. 

According to Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are an extraordinarily prevalent neurological disease that affects 39 million men, women and children in the U.S. alone, and 1 billion people worldwide. Even though migraines are considered the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world, there’s still no cure for them, although some treatments can help to alleviate symptoms.

Though it might not come to most people’s minds immediately, a relaxing massage can be an effective treatment for the pain and discomfort 

Massage Therapy for Migraine Relief

Daily stress is a significant trigger of migraines. Unexpected roadblocks in an already busy day, being unfairly reprimanded by your boss or a coworker, heated episodes of conflict with your husband or wife – these pressures build themselves into tension that manifests physically in the body, and can ultimately result in a migraine.

, massage therapy can help in relieving the pain caused by migraines in two ways.The first way is simply preventative, and the second is to provide relief and comfort during a migraine episode.

In the long-term picture, regular massage therapy sessions are a great way to prevent and reduce the occurrence of migraines triggered by stress.. You may notice that when you feel stressed or anxious, specific areas of your body — for example, your neck, jaw, and shoulders – become especially tense. A consistent schedule of massage therapy helps to relieve overall tension and prevent excessive strain on the parts of the body most susceptible to it. This can help prevent migraines from being triggered in the first place.

Alternatively, a message can still be immensely helpful if you only have it in the instance of a migraine. To relieve the tension and discomfort you are experiencing, your massage therapist will focus on gently massaging the neck, shoulders, and had. Not only does this relieve physical symptoms, but it also helps you relax, thus reducing both physical and emotional stress associated with migraine pain. 

Relaxing Massage in Richardson, Texas

When you are especially tired or under a lot of stress, the idea of making the trek out to a massage parlor might not sound too appealing. To many, the thought of having a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home is vastly more enticing. Kylie Ellison, licensed massage therapist serving Richardson, Texas, and surrounding areas, provides in-home services for this exact reason.

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